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Supporting existing recruitment processes with the Resilient Leaders Elements


To support the recruitment process of a new Country Manager to run Sentebale’s charitable work in Lesotho.  It was key that the candidate appointed had strong resilience leadership skills to effectively run the team that focused on supporting vulnerable children.


  • Lesotho is a challenging country to operate in:

    • It’s a landlocked country, completely surrounded by South Africa

    • 40% of population lives below the international poverty line of $1.25 a day

    • It has the 3rd highest rate of HIV/AIDS in the world

    • Adult literacy is as high as 82%, but there is a low understanding of how HIV/AIDS is spread

    • The average life expectancy was only 41.2 years

Resilience Tools solution

  • Running Sentebale’s formal recruitment process and the Resilient Leader’s Elements (RLE) based process in parallel it allowed:

    • Candidates to identify their resilient leadership strengths and development areas

    • Using these, to describe how they could best fulfill the role, explaining the reasons for their choices

  • The RLE process took 40 minutes per candidate (formal process took 3 hours per candidate)



  • The RLE process was described by candidates as:

    • Challenging them to think deeply

    • More meaningful than the formal process

    • Giving them a language to help articulate their leadership qualities

    • Giving them an insight into what Sentebale really required

  • Overall the RLE process was seen as an ‘accelerator’ to support the more formal approach

What we’ve seen: Resilient Leader’s Elements is valuable to both the candidate and business – enabling both to have a   deeper understanding of what’s required to be successful.

I think your work is first rate and would interest anyone – not least, for instance head-hunters facing situations similar to the one I confronted you with. 


- Geoffrey Matthews, former CEO Sentebale