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Leadership Development, Psychometric Tools, Accreditation in Resilient Leadership Development, and Resilient Leadership and Management Apprenticeships

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Resilient Leaders Development Programme (RLDP)

Our Resilient Leaders Development Programme is unique in the world of Leadership Development.  It assesses capability, identifies strengths, improves development areas, integrates feedback and demonstrates return on investment.

The RLDP works as a standalone development tool, or as part of existing leadership programmes.  It guides an individual's leadership development journey and reinforces good practice in team dynamics and resilient leadership capability across organisations.


There are three core components of the RLDP: 


Resilient Leader‘s Assessment® 

A personalised, interactive profile that allows you to explore your areas of strength and development


  • Define an aspirational goal

  • Assess yourself against the qualities of Resilient Leaders

  • Receive an interactive profile charting your strengths and development areas

  • Repeat your RLA® at regular intervals to see how you are progressing

As a result:

  • Maximise the impact of their personal style of leadership

  • Achieve their goals through productive relationships

  • Build their confidence to make the right decision at the right time

Virtual Resilience Coach 

Three powerful Leadership Development Engines guide you - just add self direction and energy and they’ll do the rest

  • Strength Engine: Specifically designed to help you face adversity. Identify your most powerful strengths and use them to create your unique ‘Strength Mantra’

  • Challenge Engine: A tailored development programme with challenges set by real leaders specifically targeting your areas for development.  ‘Short and sharp,’ the challenges help improve your resilient leadership capability where you need it most

  • Feedback Engine: Processes the feedback of those who know you really well so that you can make informed decisions about your strengths and areas for development

The Virtual Resilience Coach helps learners to:

  • Prioritise areas of development and strength

  • Create and monitor progress towards aspirational goals

  • Build a personalised Learning Log that illustrates how growth is achieved and improvement sustained

Resilience Analyst

The tool enables your Resilience Consultant to assess capability and monitor progress towards goals - the impact of any development activity can be measured so that return on investment is clear

  • Analyse the growth of individuals, teams and organisations

  • Measure the effectiveness of training and development 

  • Understand the individual and collective aspirations of leaders

  • Create visuals that help learners tell a story to illustrate their development


The Resilience Analyst helps you:

  • Diagnose the real issues that stand in the way of success

  • Speak with authority on the impact of your leadership development

  • Produce quantitative and qualitative data that show how growth has been achieved  


An insight into the process

We use three stages to create a personalised Resilient Leadership Development Programme for each learner:

The RLDP enables you to achieve your goals, build highly effective relationships and have the confidence that you will make the right decision at the right time

Our Resilient Leaders Development Programme (RLDP) has been designed to:


  • Tailor a learner’s development programme through their Resilient Leaders Assessment and Virtual Coach

  • Produce quantitative and qualitative data that show how growth has been achieved 

  • Help learners tell a story that illustrates their development