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Leadership Development, Psychometric Tools, Accreditation in Resilient Leadership Development, and Resilient Leadership and Management Apprenticeships

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Resilient Leaders Consultants

One of the ways we make world-class leadership development available to all is through a community of Resilient Leaders Consultants.


We invite people to become part of the Resilient Leaders Consultants Community who we respect for their professional capability and their strong ethical code and who will use Resilience Tools to enhance their work.

A diverse group, here is an illustration of some of the roles Resilient Leaders Consultants play:


  • Leadership development professionals with responsibility for one to one coaching, group facilitation and / or organisational development

  • Business or project team leaders, focussed on getting the best from the people and organisations for whom they have a responsibility

  • Trainers who want to build longevity into their short-term interactions with groups

  • Educators, responsible for leading groups of teachers and / or pupils

  • Researchers, responsible for leading research projects

  • Creative thinkers helping organisations to see the world differently


The one thing that Resilient Leaders Consultants have in common is that they care about developing leadership capability in themselves and in those with whom they work.


Resilient Leaders Consultants

Alex Webb

Company: Flying Start XP

Sector experience: My working life of over 25 years has been split into 2 parts. BC (before children) and AC (after children). BC: I worked in education, marketing, internal communications and events across a great spread of sectors from sport and fitness, FMCG, drinks, financial, pharmaceutical and TV/Media.

AC: I worked in entrepreneurship working in and with small companies with investment from government mainly in tech – healthtech, cleantech, fintech, webtech and edutech.

How I use the RLDP: I use the tools with individuals and leadership teams, from middle managers through to CEO’s, as a starting point to building high performing teams. The information the tool reveals helps create bespoke programmes and development plans focused entirely on the needs of the client. The framework the RLDP provides brings clarity to the complexities of leadership. 


My background has always been in behaviour change, whether that be B2B or B2C and this this tool, alongside my focus on behaviour profiling and defining self-awareness is incredibly powerful in building leadership muscle and the ability to become a more authentic, aware and confident leader.

Alice Bromage

Company: Empowering Success

Sector experience: Following 20 years leading and managing teams in the British Army, I now run my own consultancy providing coaching, mentoring and leadership training.  I specialise in supporting and developing high performance, resilient teams both in UK and abroad.  I also specialise in helping CEOs in developing resilience and profitability across their business. 


How I use the RLDP:

I have used the Resilience Tools as the back-bone for developing leadership and resilience for business owners and teams in the UK and abroad.  This includes providing Level 3 and 5 Leadership and Management programmes within the UK Apprentiship Scheme.


The Resilience Leadership elements and tool are the backbone of my 1-2-1 coaching, Leadership in Cyber Course, Leadership and Resilience in Hostile environments Course, and Resilient Leadership workshops.  Further specialist workshops and programmes are also provided tailor-made to client requirements.

Caroline Broad

Company: Broad Associates

Sector experience: With a focus on Innovation and Enterprise skills, Caroline works with researchers working in bioscience and engineering to improve the likelihood of their business or project being a success. 

How I use the RLDP: Caroline uses the resilience leadership elements to underpin training programmes such as ‘Human Factors in Innovation’ and ‘New managers on research projects’.  Developing self-awareness, communication and collaboration skills.  Challenging assumptions and developing strategy. 

Chrissy Rodger

Company: Lighthouse Leadership

Sector experience: I have worked with individuals and teams across a variety of sectors for over 17 years.  Most recently in global companies spanning leading digital technologies for industry, consumer goods and chemicals.  In the UK I have worked in the health sector, charities, education housing and banking. My work covers coaching, leadership development, and change initiatives.


How I use the RLDP:

I use the resilience tools as a starting point to open up discussion.  The tangible output from the tool helps build confidence and trust.  It gives a real time measure of progress that my clients like.  In addition it provides a rich source of data to enable my clients to change conversations in order to both ground and grow their capabilities as leaders.


I am currently using the tool with a team who are experiencing extraordinary growth in their field.  It is helping to both ground the work they are undertaking whilst ensuring that the leaders keep sight of their passion during this period.  The tool gives a team profile that reinforces their strengths and also highlights the areas they need to keep an eye on going forward.

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