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Leadership Development, Psychometric Tools, Accreditation in Resilient Leadership Development, and Resilient Leadership and Management Apprenticeships

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Using the Resilience Leaders Development Programme (RLDP) within an existing leadership programme


To create an aligned leadership approach across a business of 80,000 people internationally, bringing to life Interserve’s Vision, Values and SustainAbilities programme.

  • 5 divisions based in different geographical locations creating a silo mentality 

  • A period of rapid growth which needs leaders who can lead through change and uncertainty  

  • A need to create a common thread across leadership development in each divisions 

  • Increasing demand in the market which makes developing and nurturing talent critical

Resilience Tools solution


  • Incorporating RLDP in Interserve’s nine month cross-divisional leadership development programme, providing:  

    • A constant leadership thread  

    • A language for measuring growth  

    • A narrative for participants to describe their progression 

    • Self-Assessment at beginning, middle and end of the nine months 

    • Insightful data points to measure Return on Investment (ROI) 



  • Consistent overall growth of 10% (2016) and 19% (2017)

    • Year one: 10% growth without encouraging use of Virtual Resilience Coach

    • Year two: 19% growth with participants using the Virtual Resilience Coach

  • Consistently more growth achieved in areas targeted by the challenges

  • Used in conjunction with one-to-one coaching the challenges have even more impact

  • Participants are motivated to work on their leadership development outside of the official time allocated to the programme

What we’ve seen: The Resilience Leaders Development Programme works in support of internal leadership frameworks. 

Through the RLDP, my capability as a leader has improved – I’m leading by example, being more creative, recognising others, and demonstrating my belief in the vision and values where I can.  


- Interserve leader