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Hear from a leader... Ellie's story

Taking part in the Resilience Leaders Development Programme (RLDP) can have a profound impact on your personal confidence and success at work


"I was head of communications for an organisation that employed 80,000 people.  I needed to develop a clearer vision for my future so that I had a personal career goal laying out a clear path ahead of me. 


I needed to find different ways to engage people so that they could help themselves rather than asking for my advice.  I was not very kind to myself and one bad day often lead me to think I was useless.  I would challenge in and overly aggressive way and often my emotions would flare up and lead me to get frustrated at the lack of organisational effectiveness."

Resilience Tools solution


Ellie joined our nine-month, Ingenuity at Work Programme run by one of our Resilience Consultants.  She described it as:


"A great opportunity to bring a group of non-connected people together to better understand how people work and how ultimately to harness all their strengths and perceived weaknesses to build something bigger and better. 


If you are a Project Director who needs to get a group trusting each other and working together effectively and fast, this is for you.  You get a real insight into what people are like and their vulnerabilities, for me, that was hugely insightful.  If I had the money to do it, I’d put my whole team through it because it builds strong connections between people. 


It gives managers tools and frameworks for delivering projects and change, I now know that I’ve got a skills set that will either help this business or someone else’s business grow."



"Over the last 3 years I have managed to convince people about the importance of communicating with people, and I’m not just talking about writing a press release, but about understanding feelings, emotions, and that people have different drivers. 


So now when we are doing communications we make our business case, empathise with people, support people, and use the right terminology.


I have saved £350k for this business in recent changes and I would not have had the confidence to go that hard with the cuts if it hadn’t been for this programme helping me to be clear about my vision and leadership.


I know now that I’m alright, I don’t have to pretend to be something I’m not.  When you are female, when you’re in your 40s, when you’re working in communications, when you’re blonde, you are constantly put down by people and you can have confidence issues as a result.  This programme has given me confidence that everyone has a role to play and it’s OK to be different.  Everyone has a value, and I now know what mine is."

What we’ve seen: The Resilience Leaders Development Programme builds strong personal confidence and resilience

I have saved £350k for this business in recent changes… I would not have had the confidence to go that hard with the cuts if it hadn’t been for this programme helping me be clear about my vision and leadership.


- Ellie, leader who has taken part in the RLDP