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British Telecommunications (BT)

Creating a bespoke programme for senior leaders using Resilience Tools


The top 30 leaders in BT Service Delivery were entering a period of restructuring, merger and transformation.  Our challenge was to equip them with the capability to lead the organisation through the change whilst managing high levels of organisational and personal uncertainty. 

Resilience Tools solution

Our resilience consultants designed a ‘Leading in Uncertainty’ Programme that combined a series of Resilient Leaders' Workshops with one to one coaching.  We aimed to build individual confidence and capability whilst creating a leadership community that was open and honest, engaged and dynamic.

The Programme delivered measurable growth in four aspects of participant's leadership: Awareness, Leadership Presence, Clarity of Direction and Resilient Decision Making.  Each leader built a customised personal development plan that delivered growth in a highly focused way.  



Qualitative feedback from participants showed that this programme helped them to deliver millions of pounds worth of efficiencies through effective leadership, communication and decision making at a critical time.  


This gave a great return on investment and ensured leaders were anticipating and acting on opportunities and threats, more able to manage pressure and stress, more confident, focused and authentic.

What we’ve seen: Resilience Tools can be used to develop bespoke programmes that work at even the most senior levels.

I have learned to listen more and talk less, to trust my instincts which are more as often right, but also to take more time to consider facts and impact before launching into action.


- Leader at BT