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Leadership Development, Psychometric Tools, Accreditation in Resilient Leadership Development, and Resilient Leadership and Management Apprenticeships

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Become a more resilient leader


What does a resilient leader look like?

  • Consistently delivers outstanding results

  • Anticipates and acts on opportunities and threats

  • Has the confidence to be authentic

  • Knows how to handle pressure and make great decisions

  • Welcomes supports and challenge from others

  • Knows the importance of staying ahead of the crowd and leads the way

In today’s uncertain economic and political landscape resilience is becoming a stable skill for all successful leaders.  

Why Resilience Tools?

Resilience Tools has been created by leaders with experience of working in high pressure environments, enabling you to:

  • Know your strengths and areas for development

  • Know what takes you from pressure to stress and how to rebalance

  • Have confidence in who you are and what you do - so that you create, build and take opportunities

  • Always bounce back - knowing you will find a way through uncertainty, change and even crisis