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Barclays Retail 

Supporting their graduate recruitment with the Resilient Leaders Elements (RLE)



To have a cohort of graduates that were genuinely open about their strengths and areas for development, so that their training requirements were clear once they started the graduate development programme.  They needed to hit the ground running.


  • Friction between existing shop floor staff and new graduates, leading to a graduate attrition rate of 88% 

  • There were relatively low levels of advocacy for the selection process in the branches (6 out of 10 people had any sense of control over what happened)

  • Graduates felt they were isolated and had very little in common with each other

Resilience Tools solution


  • Resilient Leader’s Elements (RLE) process was adopted – with the core principles of inclusion, control and openness at its centre.  This included:

    • Involving Branch Managers and staff to highlight the elements they felt were most important

    • Candidates were encouraged to be as open as possible in describing their strengths and development areas

  • The process then informed the development programme for each successful candidate, enabling them create more successful careers and relationships



  • Graduate attrition dropped from 88% to 2% in just two years

  • The RLE supported an increase in diversity (up to 55% female and 20% ethnic minority)

  • It increased advocacy levels from 6/10 in 2005 to 9.5/10 in 2007

  • The manager of the graduate training programme reported striking changes in the way that the graduates came together, they seemed to have a great deal in common before they’d even started

What we’ve seen: Resilient Leader’s Elements is relevant to all leaders at every stage of their career journey.

This process creates an environment of trust and openness where people have more mature discussion.

- Ed Fox, former Head of Graduate Recruitment for Barclays Retail